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Implementation of the new model of marketing and sales

Project:Implementation of the new model of marketing and sales

Project Sponsor: S.B. Yelubayev  - Deputy Chairman of the Board for logistics, JSC “NC “KTZ”.

Project Director: D. Zh. Iskakov - President, JSC “KTZ Express”.

Project Leader: M. Sultanbek - 1 Level Chief Manager, branch of JSC “NC “KTZ” - “Center for Business Transformation”.

Project goal:

Implementation of the marketing and sales processes in JSC “KTZ Express” based on the existing and planned IT infrastructure in order to achieve the revenue growth.

Project description:

The project is aimed to implement in JSC “KTZ Express” the regulating documents across 5 core directions: marketing analysis and segmentation model, products development and service portfolio management, customers development and sales management, advertisement and marketing communications, quality assessment and customers satisfaction.

The changes above will affect not only the processes, but they will require improvement of the employees’ qualifications, changes in the organizational structure of JSC “KTZ Express” as well as automation performed on the basis of CRM system and the transport management systems (Transportation management) aimed at achievement of maximal performance of processes and their transparency.

All the changes will be of step-by-step nature. The planned changes will allow a correct design of commercial functions in the company with due regard to the competitive environment and international practices.

Project implementation period: 2017-2020.

Project scope: JSC “KTZ Express”, JSC “KTZ - Freight Transportations”.

Project benefits: Financial benefits are provided.

Qualitative benefits:

  • Implementation of contemporary processes of commercial functions compliant with the international practices;
  • Improvement of all processes’ transparency: from sales to transportations fulfilment and documents closure due to automation;
  • Enhancement of the processes performance in JSC “KTZ Express” by means of robotic automation;
  • Align the structure of JSC “KTZ Express” in compliance with the international practices and recommendations of the consultants.