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KTZ attended significant event of SAP Company

ҚТЖ SAP компаниясының ірі іс-шарасына қатысты

Kazakhstan Railways (KTZ) transformation team attended SAP NOW Kazakhstan Forum in Nur-Sultan city on May 30, 2019.

During SAP NOW Kazakhstan 2019, SAP customers, partners, and experts told about technological solutions which allow them to stay ahead of the curve and how an Intelligent Enterprise can be built using advanced technologies.

Within the Forum a panel session “Production and asset management” were held and a press conference, where the KTZ representatives told in details about the project of the Transformation Programme “Integrated planning system”, which was implemented on the SAP HANA platform.

The project’s main goal is the improvement of planning and forecasting at all stages process, i.e. from the demand definition and production planning to the approval of strategic financial indicators that affect the annual and mid-term planning horizons which is from 1 to 5 years. The project is an innovative and efficient solution customized for the transport and logistics industry, based on machine learning technologies, big data analysis and predictive analytics, and aimed at automating planning processes. For the forecasting manual data collection is planned to be replaced by IT tools used for forecasting optimization and also modern mathematical models, which allow to make decisions based on providing relevant data in real time.

Thus, the system will allow corporate users to have access to data at any time, to conduct scenario analysis of mid-term plans and to identify investment opportunities at different levels. Besides, the “Integrated planning system” project will help to build communication with the shareholder, ensuring the coordination for KPI expectations and the possibilities of the KTZ to meet them.