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Seminar within the project «Integrated planning system»

«Біріктірілген жоспарлау жүйесі» жобасының шеңберінде семинар»

Within the project “Integrated planning system” (IPS) of the “Digital transformation” Programme of “NC “KTZ” JSC (KTZ) there was held a seminar on work in the IPS module “Forecasting demand for freight transportation” on the SAP HANA basis. The event was conducted for the key users of the KTZ Department for marketing and transit policy and the Department for freight transportation marketing of “KTZ-Freight transportation” JSC.

This event was aimed at informing and training the KTZ employees to work in the automated planning system.

The project team of the KTZ branch – “Center for business transformation”, KTZ branch – “Directorate for automation and digitalization” and “SAP Kazakhstan” LLP conducted the seminar. The specialists in practice saw how the system works, in particular, one of the system modules - “Forecasting demand for freight transportation”.

Using big data technologies, this module in the IPS system allows to conduct analysis on multicollinear dependence of historical data on cargo transportation with a variety of macroeconomic indicators (gross domestic product, standard of living, level of cargo nomenclature production, etc.), to analyze and make a forecast calculation for the next 5 years based on the data obtained. Thus, a forecasting model of cargo transportation is created in the form of volume and turnover, in the context of various nomenclatures and messages types for the next years.