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Training of the employees on the programme SAP Predictive analytics

SAP Predictive analytics бағдарламасында қызметкерлерді оқыту

On April 4 this year the team of the Business Transformation Programme of JSC “NC “KTZ” held an introductory training on the programme SAP Predictive Analytics, which was attended by the employees of the Company’s structural units and subsidiaries.

Madiyar Sultanbek, Leader of the project “Integrated Planning System” of the branch of JSC “NC “KTZ” - “Center for Business Transformation”, in collaboration with the team and SAP consultants informed the employees on the best practices in predictive analytics focused on development of a digital enterprise.

SAP Predictive Analytics – is a software for predictive analytics that allows elaborating of more qualitative forecasts with use of machine learning in required scale with automation of the models’ lifecycle and grant access to the prediction results at all interface points - business processes and applications.

The training demonstrated functional features of SAP Predictive Analytics in terms of building of complicated prediction models, which can be embedded in the business processes and which be able to provide visualization of the predictive modelling results that help the users discover the insights and make informed decisions.

The training participants had an opportunity to complete practical tasks in this programme independently.

“Ability to work with contemporary analytical programmes will help the employees significantly improve the rate and quality of development of the predictive indicators and models as well as make more flexible managerial decisions”, - Madiyar Sultanbek notes.