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Training in M&R target processes at Pavlodar railway branch

Темір жолдың Павлодардағы бөліміндегі  ТҚҚЖ мақсатты үрдістеріне оқыту

Within the project “Implementation of the new model for maintenance management (M&R)” of the KTZ Business Transformation Programme specialists of the Pavlodar railway branch have been trained in new business processes on railway infrastructure maintenance in the period from December 11 to 12, 2018.

During the training key differences between the current planning processes, realization monitoring and indicators analysis from the target ones were considered as well as the influence of the implementation of the SAP PM automated management system on these processes. The results elaborated within the project have been also considered and discussed: the M&R strategy, the targeted organizational structure, regulations, methodologies and instructions. On practical examples, such topics as the M&R event planning, risk-oriented M&R approach, assets and standards database control methodology, assets classification methodology, guidelines for deciding on method choice of work execution - by own forces or outsourcing - were analyzed.

Also within the training in new processes, the key users have acquired general knowledge on the main directions in the M&R field within the project of the Business Transformation Programme as well as the completed project steps and plans for the next year were discussed.

The training at the M&R project implementation stage will allow to prepare the key users of the Pavlodar railway branch for implementation of the M&R target processes, that is an important condition for successful changes. The key users, in their turn, will support the end users within further introduction.