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Head of KTZ conducted the Business Modernization and Transformation Council

ҚТЖ басшысы бизнесті жаңғырту және трансформациялау бойынша Кеңесті өткізді

The meeting agenda was focused on the implementation of the Company’s targeted operating model.

On January 31, 2019 a regular session of the Business Modernization and Transformation Council was held under the leadership of the Chairman of the KTZ Board S.Mynbayev. Top management of “Samruk Kazyna” JSC and “NC “KTZ” JSC, representatives of the Central Transformation Team of “Samruk Kazyna” JSC as well as heads of structural departments and KTZ transformation team participated in the event.

 Due to review of the Company’s Strategy the head of “NC “KTZ” JSC Sauat Mynbayev has initiated the project on actualization of the KTZ targeted operating model that will ensure efforts concentration in the most priority directions.

 Besides, S.Mynbayev paid special attention to the need of increasing the business involvement level and key roles of project sponsors.

Hence, key elements of the operating model are the business processes, the organizational model, the technologies used and requirements for human resources, the future operating model will contribute to the implementation of the corporate strategy and help to update goals and objectives of the projects of the Business Transformation Programme.

 Deputy Chairman of the Board for corporate issues Serik Abdenov has informed on the work done on revision of the projects portfolio in connection with actualization of the operating model. The optimized portfolio includes 12 projects, which are aimed at improving the operational efficiency and results achievement. The updated portfolio was added by three projects on marketing and sales in “KTZ Freight Transportation” JSC, “Passenger Transportation” JSC, “Kaztemirtrans” JSC that will ensure sales development and customer satisfaction level.