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Kazakhstan Temir Zholy introduces the principles of “Vision Zero” concept

Within the project “Implementation of the new model for occupational safety management” of the Business Transformation Programme of KTZ, in January this year KTZ added to the list of members of the International Social Security Association (ISSA), which is following the principles of the concept of “Vision Zero”.

 safety    health     well-being

 «Vision Zero» is a qualitatively new approach to the organization of the prevention of injury to workers, combining three areas - safety, health and well-being of workers at all levels of production. The priority of “Vision Zero” is the prevention of accidents at work and the prevention of diseases of professional personnel.

 ISSA is an international organization, which closely cooperates in the social field with a number of international organizations, primarily with the International Labor Organization, the United Nations Economic and Social Council etc. The membership of KTZ in the ISSA enhances the prestige of the organization and contributes to the improved safety culture at work.

 The introduction of the world’s best practices is one of the important conditions for improving the safety and health culture and building a proactive, preventive approach.

Adoption of the principles of the “Vision Zero” concept will have a significant impact on improving the image of KTZ as well as will help move to a qualitatively new level of development.