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Summing up the results of M&R project for the year 2018

A regular meeting of Steering Committee of the project “Implementation of the new model for maintenance management (M&R)” of the KTZ Business Transformation Programme was held in KTZ.

The project implementation will give a specific result - the creation and implementation of a unified system of production assets management, which allows making effective management decisions throughout the entire life cycle of assets, starting from the moment of their creation or acquisition, and ending with the removal from service.


Summing up the work done and the project results achieved, during the meeting two milestones of the Road map for the implementation of the Company’s Business Transformation Programme for 2018-2021 were closed: an automated maintenance and repair management system was introduced and put into trial operation on the pilot unit of the Pavlodar branch of the backbone network and the necessary methodological documentation was developed together with consultants from Ernst & Young (EY).

In addition, materials on training of key users of the Pavlodar branch of the backbone network (cities of Pavlodar and Ekibastuz) and the Company’s central office on the targeted maintenance processes were presented and summarized at the meeting as well as the results of testing the automated process control systems were also reviewed. At the same time, EY experts summed up the results of their work and presented their recommendations on the further implementation of the project.

Representatives of Ernst & Young handed certificates to key users of targeted maintenance processes and their implementation in the SAP system. In turn, the Managing Director - Chief Engineer of the Company - Project Sponsor Batyr Kotyrev thanked EY for their work and wished them further success.


In general, a huge amount of work was carried out on the project: a balanced portfolio of the Company’s production assets was formed, existing and targeted maintenance processes were analyzed, documents regulating the management of services of service organizations and improving infrastructure maintenance were developed, key specialists of the pilot unit of the Pavlodar branch backbone network were trained the processes for maintenance of railway infrastructure and work in the automated maintenance and repair management system.