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About “Digital transformation” Programme of “NC “KTZ” JSC

The Programme is implemented within the medium-term expectations of the Shareholder for 2019-2023 (letter dated October 17, 2018, No.03-4-08-02/6161) and the Fund’s Transformation Programme approved by the Fund’s Management Council (minutes dated April 19, 2018, No.18-01-7.5.) in accordance with the Methodology of the Central Transformation Team. 

The Programme goals:

• improvement of occupational safety management system

•    HR development;

•    creating an effective management model for the Company;

•    increase in transit traffic;

•    increasing the level of transportation and logistics services within the country;

•    improving the efficiency of the rolling stock use;

•    effective management of IT and IT costs;

•    increasing the efficiency of the transportation process;

•    railway infrastructure development;

•    improving the quality of passenger transport services;

•    increasing the level of technical support for information security protection;

•    increasing the efficiency of the procurement processes. 

Implementation of 13 initiatives is needed to increase financial efficiency and create sustainable change:        
  1. occupational safety;

  2. high performance culture;
  3. improving operational efficiency;

  4. increasing transit transportation;

  5. logistics development;

  6. creation of a full-fledged company for operating wagons;

  7. improving IT efficiency;

  8. increasing operational efficiency through data analysis (Big Data);

  9. improving efficiency of the transportation process;

  10. railway infrastructure modernization;

  11. passenger transportation development;

  12. implementation of the Cyber ​​Shield of the Fund Group;

  13. implementation of the new model of procurement.