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Board of Directors

The Board of Directors defines strategic objectives, the priority directions of development and establishes the main reference points of activity of the Company on a long-term outlook, provides existence of necessary financial and human resources for implementation of purposes. The Board of Directors exercises control over activity of executive body of the JSC NC KTZ.

The structure of structure of the Board of Directors provides fair and objective representation of interests of the Sole Shareholder.

The quantitative structure of the Board of Directors is defined by the Sole Shareholder.

The Board of Directors of the JSC NC KTZ consists of 8 members, 4 of them are independent.

The Board of Directors bears responsibility before the Sole Shareholder for effective management and appropriate control over activity of the Company.

Currently, the Board of Directors of JSC NC KTZ has four Committees formed to improve the efficiency of the Board of Directors and to improve the corporate governance structure. These Committees are the consultative and advisory bodies of the Board of Directors (resolutions of the Board of Directors of August 8, 2016, Minutes No. 8).

Independent Directors are the Chairmen of the Committees of the Board of Directors.

  • Audit Committee
  • Committee on Strategic Planning and Innovation
  • Committee on Human Recourses and Remuneration
  • Committee on Environmental Protection and Safety

The Board of Directors determines the Company’s strategic development course, makes its resolutions on the Company’s business and operating issues. In 2017, it held 8 in-person meetings. Also in 2017, the committees of the KTZ Board of Directors held 31 meetings.

In 2017, the KTZ Board of Directors considered 136 issues, of which relating to:

  • the KTZ Board of Directors, 9;
  • the KTZ Management Board, 7;
  • transformation in KTZ, 10;
  • operating and economic issues, 32;
  • personnel, 13;
  • transactions, 7;
  • business reports of KTZ, 33;
  • other issues, 25.

The implementation of resolutions is monitored on an ongoing basis with subsequent and regular briefing to the Board of Directors.

The Office of the Corporate Secretary (Office) was established to ensure the fulfillment of the Corporate Secretary’s functions in JSC NC KTZ by himself. The Office is a structural subdivision of the Company consisting of seven employees. Employees of the Office have the appropriate qualifications and skills sufficient to perform the duties assigned to them.

On March 29, 2018 Dr. Wilhelm Bender signed a written notification on early termination of his powers in the Board of Directors of JSC NC KTZ due to his election as a member of the Board of Directors, Independent Director of JSC Samruk-Kazyna (Government Decree No. 144-p as of March 27, 2018).

Corporate Secretary
Toregeldin Murat Maratovich
+7 7172 60-43-25

Internal Audit Service

INTERNAL AUDIT SERVICE CHARTER JSC National Company Kazakhstan Temir Zholy

Code of Professional Ethics Internal Audit Service Joint-Stock Company National Company Kazakhstan Temir Zholy

Structure of the Internal Audit Service

THE POLICY on organization of internal audit in Joint Stock Company «National Company «Kazakhstan temir zholy»

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