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Corporate Ombudsman

ZHUSUPOV BEIBIT GAZIZOVICH was appointed to the post of ombudsman of "NC"KTZ" JSC by the decision of the Board of Directors of the joint-stock company "National Company" Kazakhstan Temir Zholy "(minutes No. 11 of November 19, 2013).



Date of birth: 03.10.1948
Education: higher education 
Sverdlovsk Law Institute
Specialty: Jurisprudence
Last job: Adviser to the President of NC "KTZ" JSC
Professional experience: 
01.2009 – 04.2012 - Managing Director - Chief of Staff of NC "KTZ" JSC
02.2007 – 12.2008 - First Deputy of Akim of Kyzylorda oblast 
12.2004 – 02.2007 - Chief of staff of the Supreme Court of the Republic of Kazakhstan

Contacts: +7 7172 604031


  • advising the employees, participants in labor disputes, conflicts and assisting them in working out a mutually acceptable, constructive and realizable solution, taking into account compliance with the legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan, including confidentiality, if necessary;
  • assistance in resolving the problematic social and labor issues of the Fund's employees and organizations, as well as in observing the principles of business ethics of the Fund's employees and organizations;
  • development of recommendations for the persons participating in the dispute, conflict or problem situation on the settlement of conflicts (disputes);
  • advising the Fund's officials and organizations on the resolution and prevention of conflicts (disputes) that are systemic, legal and organizational in nature, as well as on compliance with the principles of business ethics;
  • introduction of relevant problems, which are systemic in nature, and requiring them to take appropriate decisions (complex measures) for the consideration of relevant bodies and officials of the Fund and / or organizations, and propose constructive proposals for their solution.
  • making proposals on improving the internal regulatory documents of the Fund within its competence;
  • adoption of other recommendatory measures, including those aimed at restoring violated rights and legitimate interests.

If you have any questions regarding violation of your labor rights, please contact the Ombudsman's Office of your portfolio company or the Ombudsman of “Samruk-Kazyna” JSC


Ombudsman of “KTZ” JSC -  

Ombudsman of “Samruk-Kazyna” JSC -

(all appeals are confidential)