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About social policy

The joint-stock company “National company “Kazakhstan temir zholy” pays great attention to rising generation as children of railwaymen in future may follow in their parents’ footsteps and bring a significant contribution to the development of rail transport. The Company holds various contests for workers’ children such as photo contest “I, future railwayman”, art competition “Balausa Bolashak”, children’s art exhibition, children’s festival “Astana – arman qala”. The Company also organizes children’s health summer vacation and holds a variety of New Year events.

The quality of work of any company depends on quality staff. And that is why the development and support of young professionals is one of the priorities of the Company.

In November 2008 the Company’s young workers initiated a creation of the Council of Youth Wing “Zhas Otan” and also the establishment of the Council for youth affairs of JSC “NC “KTZ”. The Council is headed by the President of the Company Askar Mamin.

The Company’s young people not only work hard but also benefit from their holidays. In KTZ on voluntary basis a KVN team named “SV” has been formed consisting of employees of organization departments and subsidiaries. At the moment the team is well-known at both Kazakhstan and international levels after becoming a Vice-champion of inter-regional league KVN “Astana” in 2009, winner of International Festival KVN “KIVIN-2010” Rating of International Union KVN “AMIK” in 2010, winner in a series of other Club’s nominations.

Specific character of rail transport functioning, presence of population aggregates – stations, halts, high number of personnel – have always required enterprises operating in this sphere to be particularly socially responsible. Therefore, corporate attention to personality, a constant study of workers’ social security, preservation and development of human capacity are traditional areas of rail transport social policies.

Being a subject of market economy the Company has a social responsibility to workers and retirees of the sphere and year after year increases the spending on social benefits for workers and non-working pensioners. Council of Veterans public associations were established under regional divisions of railway, which are responsible for visiting sick and lonely pensioners at home and in hospitals, introducing and training pensioners with modern means of communication, conducting creative conferences on issues of succession of generations, organizing a collection of memoirs and biographies of pensioners for the “Labor Prowess of Main Line”, congratulating retirees with momentous dates, consulting, explaining and helping the Company’s retirees.

It is well-known that working conditions of railwaymen are accompanied with a number of adverse factors such as: significant physical, psychological and emotional overloads, itinerant nature of work as well as the amount of time spent outside. All of the above, obviously, is a major risk factor for the development of a number of diseases of respiratory, cardio-vascular, digestive, musculoskeletal systems, professional intoxications. One of the main methods to prevent these diseases as well as their exacerbation is sanatorium-and-spa treatment for railwaymen. Every year the group of company of joint-stock company “National company “Kazakhstan temir zholy” takes health improvement measures for more than 8 400 workers and retirees living in different regions of Kazakhstan.