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The organized evacuation of people during fire-technical exercises is provided in "NC" KTZ" JSC

«ҚТЖ»ҰК»АҚ: Өрт-техникалық жаттығу сабағы - эвакуациялау жоғары деңгейде қамтамасыз етілді

On June 8, 2018 in the administrative building of "NC" KTZ "JSC were fire-technical exercises with the evacuation of people.

"The exercises were conducted jointly with the Committee for Emergency of the city of Astana. The task before us was to check the level of readiness of our employees to act in emergency situations, "says Batyr Kotyrev, chief engineer of "NC "KTZ "JSC.

  As reported by B. Kotyrev, according to the tactical plan, as a result of a short circuit of the electrical cable, there was a conditional fire on the second floor of the stylobate part of the building.

The dispatcher of automatic fire alarm received a signal. The area of ​​ignition is de-energized, the diesel generator, warning and smoke removal systems, lifts go to the first floor. Information on the evacuation of people from the building is transmitted via the notification system. Workers of the fire station, security services ensure safe exit of people from the offices to smoke-free staircases according to the Emergency Evacuation Plan.

All these operative measures on the part of the sacramental services excluded panic, ensuring an organized evacuation of people from the building.

According to B.Kotyrev, following the results of the exercises, the appropriate level of training and interaction of duty services, a fire station, security service and structural divisions of "NC" KTZ " JSC was noted.

"The Company pays special attention to issues of fire safety, high level of fire protection of buildings and structures. Equally important is the skills of employees to act cohesively, competently and efficiently in a difficult situation. In all structural units, fire safety measures are regularly held, "said Kotyrev.

At all facilities of "NC" KTZ "JSC fire prevention works are conducted. Particular attention is paid to the maintenance of fire automatics, fire fighting equipment, readiness of fire trains and road tankers. Workers are trained on the fire-technical minimum.

Since the beginning of this year, more than 100 fire-technical exercises have been conducted in the structural divisions of "NC" KTZ"JSC.

Press-office of "NC" Kazakhstan Temir Zholy" JSC