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ҚТЖ жоспардан тыс 1000 аса теміржол өткелі тексерілді

On the network of KTZ NC JSC ended the month for the prevention of road accidents at railway crossings "Attention, moving!".

Within a month railwaymen together with representatives of local authorities, employees of law-enforcement bodies checked a condition of crossings.

All unscheduled viewed by 1053 the railway crossing, including 469 584 protected and unprotected. At the same time, special attention was paid to the serviceability of the sound alarm, power supply, lighting, the state of communication means, protective devices, road barriers, floorings, the presence of inert material.

As part of the preventive action, sudden night checks of compliance with the requirements of instructions and duties by the duty officers on moving were organized. They conducted additional theoretical and practical training on occupational health and safety.

In the course of the campaign, carried out extensive outreach to motorists, since traffic accidents at crossings occur because of violations by drivers of traffic regulations, ignore their prohibiting signals. In total, more than 200 raids were carried out, more than 10 administrative protocols on violation of the rules of travel of crossings were drawn up.

About 15 thousand people are acquainted with the information on the rules of crossing the railway infrastructure.

The press-service of  Kazakhstan Temir Zholy NC JSC