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Since the beginning of 2018 LOADING ON the NETWORK of KTZ FOR 11 MONTHS INCREASED by 6%

«ҚТЖ» ҰК »АҚ желісіндегі жүктемесі 2018 жылдың 11 айында 6% -ға артты

Since the beginning of 2018 the cargo turnover amounted to 203 billion ton-km, which is 7 % higher than the same period last year.

In January-November, 233.5 million tons were shipped, which is 6% more than last year.

95 million tons of coal (+2% by January - November 2017), 22.8 million tons of iron ore (+8%), 18.3 million tons of non-ferrous ore (+7%), 19.4 million tons of construction cargo (+ 8%) were transported by rail.

For 11 months, 10.2 million tons of grain were transported, which is 38% higher than last year, 3.1 million tons of ground products (+8%).

       The press service of  Kazakhstan Temir ZholyNC JSC