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Through the network of KTZ NC JSC improve the diagnosis of railway tracks

«ҚТЖ» ҰК» АҚ желісі бойынша теміржолдардың  диагностикасын жақсартады

More than 85 thousand km of railway lines were tested by the mobile diagnostic complex from September 2015 to December 2018. As a result of the inspection, more than 900 defective rails were promptly and promptly replaced.

On the basis of data of the mobile diagnostic complex operational decisions on repair and service of track infrastructure are made. This allows you to speed up the process of making technical decisions, reduce operating costs.

In 2019, it is planned to purchase additional systems in order to diagnose backbone networks twice a month, reduce the number of old equipment - flaw detectors by 240 units, eliminate the influence of the human factor in assessing the state of the track infrastructure.
The press service of Kazakhstan Temir Zholy NCJSC