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«ҚТЖ» ҰК» АҚ ІХ жастар форумына 300 тарта теміржолшы қатысуда

On December 4, 2018, the IX Republican youth forum of Kazakhstan Temir Zholy JSC was opened with the participation of more than 300 young employees from all regional branches of the railway.

The Chairman of the Board of the company Sauat Mynbayev made a welcoming speech.

"The head of state in his Address "growth of welfare of Kazakhstan citizens: increase of income and quality of life" announced 2019 - the year of youth",- Said S. Mynbayev and noted the role of "specialists of the new format, open to the continuous process of training, development of professional qualities and skills, in achieving the strategic goals of the Company".

Industry youth Forum is organized in JSC NC Kazakhstan Temir Zholy for more than nine years. The forum, which has no analogues in Kazakhstan, successfully supports talented young employees working in various sectors of the railway industry.

Currently, the Company employs more than 50 thousand young employees, which is 39% of the total staff. 39 thousand people are employed in working professions. At the positions of managers and leading specialists – 13 thousand people.

"The successful implementation of the youth policy provides a high return on investment in human capital: today more than a third of the company's employees are young professionals, a quarter of them form the management team," S. Mynbayev said.

JSC NC KTZ " faces complex challenges for the further development of transport and logistics complex, the implementation of the transit potential of Kazakhstan. The basic Foundation of success is being proactive and fast adaptation to changing conditions of activity.

"Therefore, an important place is given to young people who are able to respond flexibly and quickly to internal and external challenges and opportunities. The company, for its part, will continue to implement an active youth policy, support the initiative, develop the abilities of young employees", - said The Chairman of the Board of JSC NC KTZ.

To this end, a new corporate Program "Youth-the leader of change!". Within the framework of this program, the project "100 young people of KTZ" will be launched in 2019. The winners of the competitions "Leader of KTZ", "Professional skills", "best lean production project", "Digital KTZ"will have the opportunity to study under the MBA program, pass international training, take part in the Eurasian championship "Worldskills Hi-tech".

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New initiatives of the Company open up great prospects and opportunities for professional and personal growth – the key to a successful contribution to the effective development of the transport and logistics industry.

The Chairman of the Board of JSC NC KTZ S. Mynbayev presented educational grants to the Company according to the programs "main" and "scholarship" for two students of the Kazakh Academy of transport and communications – Gulzhan and Zhalgas Sattar Battlewave.

The participants of the Forum were also made by Deputy Minister of social development of Kazakhstan Omarbekova Zh., Deputy Chairman of JSC NC KTZ S. Abdenov, the Company's chief engineer Boris Kotyrev, the Director of the business accelerator Nazarbayev University B. Sultangazin, the Manager of JSC "KTZ –Freight transport", Beisbekov.

IX Republican youth forum will finish its work on December 7 this year.

      The press-office of JSC "NC Kazakhstan Temir Zholy

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