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KTZ prepared more than 30 anti-washout trains

ҚТЖ 30 тарта шаюға қарсы пойыздар құрылды

Railway workers are actively preparing for the spring flood to ensure the smooth and safe movement of trains.

Together with representatives of the local Executive bodies and emergency departments, the railwaymen inspected all engineering structures that are in the zone of flood waters. Dams and reservoirs that are in close proximity to the railway line are checked.

Vehicles, trolley, tractor equipment are brought into full readiness. An emergency reserve of fuel and lubricants has been created.

Works on cleaning of snow, ice, debris, holes, bridges, water pipes. More than 6 thousand buildings were cleaned.

Currently, more than 30 anti-washout trains have been formed, which are equipped with rubble stone, rail packages, substandard concrete sleepers and other materials. If necessary, employees of linear services makimalno ready in short terms to restore damaged road and to ensure safe train passage.

Just before 1 April of the current year will be generated 42 protivomoskitnykh trains.

When passing flood waters will be installed around the clock duty of responsible persons, conducting additional rounds and detours.

 The press service of Kazakhstan Temir Zholy NC JSC