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Pedestrians - violators detained during a RAID on the safety of the railway in Nur-Sultan

Нұр – Сұлтанда темір жолдағы қауіпсіздік бойынша жүргізілген рейд барысында ереже бұзушы-жаяу жүргіншілер ұсталды

The employees of the capital's operational locomotive depot, together with employees of the Millitarized railway guard and the police of the Nur-Sultan station, conducted the preventive RAID to prevent offenses and injuries at the railway transport facilities. 

They reminded people passing through the railway in the wrong place about the danger, distributed information booklets and explained what could threaten the rush.

"We are conducting a RAID on the place where you can go only to employees of the railway, while doing his job. Outsiders must cross the railway over the bridge, which is located 150 meters from this place. But, as practice shows, citizens prefer to cross the road in the wrong place, expect to slip in front of a close-running train, creating a direct threat to traffic safety.   In each case, the driver applies emergency braking, but it is not always possible to avoid the tragedy," - said the engineer-technologist of the capital's depot Nurasyl Zhumashov.

During the RAID, was recorded a few facts of disregard of the rules of crossing the road, issued administrative warnings for violations of the rules of being on the railway infrastructure.

Inspector of the Linear Department of internal Affairs at the station Nur-Sultan Bauyrzhan Alimzhanov noted that the railway is a zone of increased danger, so the strengthening of prevention is a necessity.

Guards carry out active preventive work, everywhere warning of danger, and remind of administrative responsibility for the passage of the railway in an unspecified place.

Similar actions are held throughout the country. Railwaymen are urged to be careful near the tracks, to comply with safety rules.

The press-service of  "KTZ-Freight transportation» JSC