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Билет бағасын реттеу сауалдарына түсініктеме

Since September 11, 2018, Passenger transportation JSC (hereinafter - the Company) has introduced a flexible system of price regulation for all socially significant routes within Kazakhstan. These are 52 main socially significant routes, including trailers, except for the routes of formation of other States (trains of the Russian Federation, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Belarus), as well as private carriers.

A flexible system of price regulation was introduced under the program of dynamic tariff management. This is a world practice and is widely used in the work of many air and land carriers.

The passenger can purchase tickets for any destination within the country when buying a ticket for 45 days with a discount of up to 25%. The discount depends on the number of seats available and the number of days remaining before the train departure. As we approach the date of departure, the price will rise, but not more than 25%.

In addition to the above-mentioned main socially significant routes, trains run on 14 commercial routes, 9 of which are formed by Talgo cars.

According to the legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the carrier sets the ticket prices on commercial routes, taking into account and analyzing such aspects as: passenger traffic, increased demand for holidays, priority directions, etc.

In this regard, the cost of tickets on these routes can changes from-35% (discount) to +35% and above the base rate. Cash proceeds from the sale of these tickets in commercial routes are directly directed to the development of the Company, the introduction of new services, automation of processes and improvement of technical equipment of the entire car fleet.

The national carrier recommends planning trips in advance and purchasing train tickets in advance.

Press service of Passenger transportation JSC