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Қазақстан темір жолы Астана қаласы КЛО басымдықтары мен мүмкіндіктерін ашып көрсетті

On November 28, 2018, a press tour was held to the Transport and Logistics Center (TLC) of class "A" in Astana to get acquainted with its activities.

Astana Transport and Logistics Centre opened in July 2015 during a teleconference with the participation of the Head of state on the day of industrialization.

Object built with the participation of multimodal Transport and Logistics holding company Kazakhstan Temir Zholy according to the program of formation of the internal and external terminal network to improve the quality of logistics services and optimize the allocation of trade flows.

The formation of the internal terminal network in major cities of the country is made taking into account the development of transit flows, on the basis of radiation coverage of the surrounding regions of Russia and Central Asia. The capital of Kazakhstan – Astana, being one of the fastest growing megacities in the entire Eurasian space, was chosen to start the project. At the beginning of this year, the construction of TLC in Shymkent was completed.

For 10 months of 2018, 522 thousand tons of cargo were processed, about 3,000 cars were unloaded and about 2,000 containers were processed. To date, the warehouses are filled by 80-90%.

General Director of Astana TLC Yerlan Shaimardanov spoke in detail about the advantages of the Center, optimization of the working process, expansion of the list of services provided, as well as measures taken to increase the competitiveness of the facility.

He noted the manufacturability of production processes, a wide range of services for reliable storage of products in different temperature conditions in dry, climatic warehouses and vegetable stores, the vast range of processed goods: electronics, building materials, FMCG, food products that require special storage conditions, large-sized non-standard cargo and others.

Today, commercial opportunities of Astana TLC are complex warehouse services with a full cycle of multimodal logistics that meet the requirements of international standards FM Global.

"At TLC, we create a continuous chain for operators as sorting in dry warehouses of temperature regime, vegetable stores and gas - controlled premises with the ability to handle goods more than 1 million tons per year and a container site with simultaneous storage of 4 thousand containers," E. Shaimardanov added.

On the territory of TLC there is a customs clearance center in the "Single window" mode. The client does not need to spend time on obtaining customs permits and the implementation of all types of state control, the necessary procedures are carried out on the principle of "walking distance" and take about an hour.

For convenience, customers are offered a distribution center with the appropriate infrastructure for retail and wholesale of a wide range of goods of Kazakhstan and world manufacturers.

"The activity of the Center is aimed at improving the quality of the service provided, taking into account the needs of business," E. Shaimardanov noted and stressed the importance of TLC in the development of transit and transport potential and Kazakhstan's entry into the global transport and logistics system.


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