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Asanali Ashimov told zhambyl railway workers about the filming of "Trans-Siberian Express"

Асанәлі Әшімов жамбылдық теміржолшыларға «Транссібір экспресі» фильмінің түсірілімі туралы айтты

Zhambyl railway workers met with people's artist of the USSR and Kazakhstan, honored artist, Director of theater and cinema, winner of "Tarlan", "Kazakstannyn Enbek Eri" Asanali Ashimov.

The famous actor told about his career, remembered how the shooting of the film "Trans-Siberian Express" took place. Historical footage captured on the railway line Karatau - Zhanatas Zhambul Branch. Asanali Ashimov played the role of a security officer Kadyrov.

The film tells about the real events of 1927. A large Japanese businessman traveled to Moscow to negotiate with the government on the Trans-Siberian Express. Soviet security officers prevented the planned murder of a businessman by foreign intelligence agents.

The railwaymen prepared a thematic stand on the activities of the leading figure of Kazakhstan cinema for the meeting. The guest was shown the recently opened railway Museum in the Department, the exposition of which is constantly updated.

The actor was born in  Zhaiylma village of Sarysu district, he is an honorary citizen of Zhambyl region.

"Asanali Ashimov played a number of roles to be awarded the highest state award and has the recognition it deserves. Our railwaymen were glad to meet with the legendary man and listened with great interest to his story about the filming of the Trans-Siberian Express, " said the head of the Zhambyl branch Berik Akchalov.

In conclusion, Asanali Ashimov thanked his countrymen for their love and respect, left his fans autographs and took a picture. Traditionally, the guest of honor was presented with chapan.

The Press-Service of  "KTZ-Freight transportion" JSC