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Information message (08.12.2017)

In accordance with Item 3 of the Rules for the conclusion of transactions between organizations belonging to the group of “Samruk-Kazyna” JSC, in respect of which the Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan “On Joint-Stock Companies”establishes special conditions approved by the decision of the Board of Directors of “National Welfare Fund “Samruk- Kazyna” Joint Stock Company dated April 27, 2009 (Minutes No. 18), with sub-item 12) of item 118 of Article 13 of the Charter of “NC “KTZ” JSC and in accordance with the decision of the Management Board of “NC “KTZ” JSC dated June 27, 2017 (Minutes No.02/19), “NC “KTZ”JSC concluded an additional agreement dated December 6, 2017 (hereinafter referred to as the “New additional agreement”) to the loan agreement (assigned number 46852) dated September 18, 2014, taking into account changes and additions envisaged, in particular, by letter of agreement dated October 17, 2014, by additional agreement dated July 30, 2015 and by additional agreement dated June 08, 2016 (hereinafter referred to as the “Loan Agreement”) between “NC “KTZ”JSC, “KTZ-Cargo Transportation” JSC (formerly – “Lokomotiv” joint-stock company), “KTZ Express Shipping” LLP and “ KTZ Express” JSC as joint borrowers and the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development as a lender in connection with: (a) change of the name of “Lokomotiv” JSC to “KTZ-Cargo Transportation” JSC, (b) redistribution of the amount of the first tranche of the loan by increasing the amount allocated to “KTZ Express Shipping” LLP and reduction of the amount allocated to “NC “KTZ” JSC for 400 000 000 KZT; and (c) early repayment of “NC “KTZ” JSC of the amount of the first tranche of the loan in the amount of 4 034 788 000 KZT as a transaction in which the “NC “KTZ”JSC has an interest.

(26.12.2016) (29.12.2016, 12:08:12)

In order to refinance foreign currency liabilities on the December 22, 2016 between JSC "National Company" Kazakhstan Temir Zholy", JSC "Kaztemirtrans" and the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development was signed the Restructuring Deed relating to the restructuring of certain Loan agreements between the parties to this deed for the period until 2026. 

On 1st of February 2011 the subsidiary of the joint-stock company “National company “Kazakhstan temir zholy” the joint-stock company “Lokomotiv kurastyru zauyty” has refinanced a loan, obtained on 4th of August 2008 from the Royal Bank of Scotland, by signing a framework agreement with the joint-stock company “ATF Bank” for 95 million US dollars on a security of the joint-stock company “National company “Kazakstan temir zholy”.

Information about dividends payment

JSC “National company “Kazakhstan Temir Zholy” (location: 6 Konayev Street, Astana city 010000, bank details (in Russian): TIN: 620 100 210 058, Кbe 16, «Halyk bank» АRD IIC KZ376010111000018002, BIC HSBKKZKX) reports the following. In order to execute paragraph 5 of the JSC "NWF "Samruk-Kazyna" Board’s decision No.24/12, issued on May 29, 2012, JSC "NC "KTZ" paid out the first tranche of dividends.