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Development of transit transportation

In order to achieve the objectives set by the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan, and the effective utilization of transit potential, the priority measures are:

  • Conduct a flexible tariff policy for cargo in transit through the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan, to attract additional volumes of transit goods, the formation of competitive tariff conditions in a highly competitive market, with alternative routes and modes of transport.
  • The development of border station Dostyk and strengthening of the railway line Aktogai-Dostyk to increase the throughput and handling capacity of Dostyk upto 25 million tons by 2015.
  • The development of international railway border crossing Altynkol - Khorgos, and International Border Cooperation Center and the Free Economic Zone "Khorgos" Eastern gates for the formation of a single integrated transport and logistics system, and efficient development of freight traffic in the transcontinental direction.
  • Commissioning of new railway lines Zheskazgan - Saksaulskaya - Beineu (988 km), Arkalyk - Shubarkul (214 km railway) to increase the transport of goods to Europe and the Gulf countries.
  • On the base of JSC "NC" KTZ ", having been created a national multi-modal operator, by combining in itself all transportation assets (airport, seaport Aktau, ICBC Free Economic Zone Horgos) using the experience of the leading logistic companies of the world, which should be the regulator of cargo for loading and transport infrastructure providing high-quality service (speed, service, cost, stability, safety), aimed at improving the efficiency and competitiveness of domestic transport corridors.
  • Organization of container trains on the transcontinental routes on a regular basis, with a fixed schedule approved by the repetition of the principle of "just in time".
  • Expanding the influence of "NC "KTZH" on the market of container (multi-modal) transportation, in the strategic partnership with China's and European's largest operators.
  •  Create internal and external terminal networks to consolidate and increase the quality and speed of terminal handling

For further information contact:

Director of freight marketing Department

Ahmedjanova M.T. – tel. 8 (7172) 60 38 63;

Chief manager of freight transportation marketing Department

Olzhabaeva G.K. – tel. 8 (7172) 60 38 71;


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The list of reduction factors to the rates of rate policy railway of Kazakhstan to the international carriage of goods report for 2011 charter year set of JCS "NC" KTZH " 7.96 KB
Application the establishment of a temporary factor and through a special rate for transportation of goods in transit 12.03 KB
Data to calculate the time factor and the special pass-through rates for transportation of goods in transit 26.31 KB