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About company



Foundation date:

17 October 1922


Paris (France)

Working languages:

English, French

Official website:

Number of participants (countries):

201 members from 83 countries

Structure and main deliberative bodies:

General Assembly and Regional Assemblies


Africa, the Middle East, Europe, North America, Latin America and Asia-Pacific Oceania

Basic document:

Articles of association

Link on regulatory legal acts:


Union Internationale des Chemis de Fer (UIC) - is a global professional association representing the railway sector, and promoting rail transport.


·         Promote rail transport at the global level in order to optimally address current and future problems of mobility and sustainable development;

·         Promote interoperability and as a Standard setting organization to create new global IRS (International Railway Solution) solutions for railways (including common solutions with other modes of transport);

·         Develop and facilitate all forms of international cooperation among member countries, promote the exchange of best practices (benchmarking);

·         Supporting members in their efforts to develop new business and new areas of activity;

·         Propose new ways to improve the technical and environmental performance of railway transport, increase competitiveness, reduce costs.


          In order for UIC to effectively carry out its mission, 3 levels were identified for international cooperation activities:

•      Strategic level: coordination with 6 UIC regions, established under the new administration (activities carried out by the regional assemblies of UIC for Africa, Asia, North America, South America, Europe and the Middle East).

•      Level of technical / professional cooperation (structured by the following activities): Passenger, freight, railway systems — including infrastructure, rolling stock, operations and fundamental values, including intersectoral activities such as sustainable development, research coordination, safety, safety, development expertise. The strategic priorities of technical cooperation activities are determined by forums and platforms composed of member representatives.

•      Level of support services: (Finance, human resources, legal, communication and institutional relations).



UNITY - UIC is a professional and technical association representing the unity of the railway at the world level. Some specific events are organized at the regional level and controlled by 6 regional assemblies. Whenever it is possible and beneficial for the railway community, efforts will be made to transform regional projects into multi-regional or global events.

SOLIDARITY - UIC represents member countries with different characteristics and levels of development. UIC will continue its efforts to reduce the gap between different situations, in particular by promoting the exchange of information, experience and best practices throughout the world. In addition, on March 31, 2009, the General Assembly decided to create a tool to finance specific actions of solidarity with a special fund of solidarity.

•     UNIVERSALITY - The UIC field of activity is global and covers the universality of railway topics. UIC can create a basis for the development of new projects on all issues requested by the member countries. International projects can be developed in the UIC research bodies on all issues required by the railways of the member countries. These may be topics related to specific railway technologies (technology, operations, research) or more general cooperation activities (IT, human resources and training, regulatory and legal etc.).



JSC “NC” KTZ ” is:

·    Active member of UIC since 2004

·         Member of the Executive Council of UIC (ExB) (2015-2020)

·         Vice-Chairman of the Asia-Pacific Region (APRA) (2015-2020)

·         Member of the Asia-Pacific Management Committee (APMC) (2015-2020)