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Development Strategy


“As a backbone transport company in Kazakhstan, we provide a quality basis for the sustainable growth of our customers’ businesses, create value for the Shareholder and benefit consumers and society as a whole by providing safe and competitive transportation services”.


“We are a highly efficient transport company operating in accordance with best business practices.

We are a reliable provider of transport infrastructure services, including freight and passenger transportation.

We are the leader among the peer companies in sustainable development, quality and economic efficiency of the services provided by improving business processes, digitalizing activities and enhancing the professionalism of employees”.


The Company will achieve its mission and vision by implementing five strategic goals:

1. Removing the Company from the financial risk zone and ensuring financial stability

To achieve this goal, the Company will work with the Government to improve tariff regulation, and implement initiatives to improve business performance.

2. Improving the efficiency of the Company

Improving operational efficiency, the quality of business assets utilization, implementing the Digital Transformation and Digitalization program, developing transit and domestic transportation will become the Company’s top priorities to achieve this strategic goal.

3. Improving customer satisfaction

As part of this strategic goal, the Company will implement measures to increase customer satisfaction by providing high quality secure and affordable services for the carriage of goods and passengers.

4. Guaranteed train safety

Ensuring traffic safety remains one of the most important tasks of the Company, which is defined as an unconditional priority in the Development Strategy. The Company will take all necessary measures to ensure the desired level of security by using the modern management methods and tools.

5. Ensuring sustainable development of the Company

As part of this strategic goal, the Company intends to keep on achieving the high level in corporate governance, development of human resources, implementation of the fundamental principles of meritocracy, improvement of social stability and staff involvement.