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Development Strategy

JSC “NC “KTZ” is a major transport and logistics holding of national standing and is one of the Fund’s assets. In compliance with President Nazarbayev’s order to establish a national logistics operator with a full range of assets and competencies, based on JSC «NC «KTZ», the following companies have been placed under the company’s management: the Aktau seaport, Khorgos International Center of Boundary Cooperation, Khorgos – Eastern Gates free economic zone and an airport network.

As a national logistics operator, JSC «NC «KTZ» deals with the Kazakhstan-2050 Strategy’s target of developing transit potential and doubling transit traffic through Kazakhstan by 2020 and increasing it 10-fold by 2050.

In addition, to develop the role of the private sector in the Kazakhstan economy, the Government initiated a Privatization Program for a wide range of state assets. The Program will make a significant change in the asset portfolio structure of JSC «NC «KTZ» and the industry as a whole.

As part of achieving the targets set by the President, the Government and the Shareholder of JSC «NC «KTZ» has designed and is now implementing an operational Transformation Program. Transformation objectives of JSC «NC «KTZ» solve in the face of increasing trends of economic recession in the country and in the accession in partner countries of the EAEU.

Given the changing of environment and the business expansion of JSC «NC «KTZ», December 26, 2015 the Board of Directors approved the Development Strategy of JSC “NC “KTZ” until 2025.


As a backbone infrastructure company we provide a high-quality transport base for sustainable growth of the economy of Kazakhstan, create value for the Shareholder, and benefit consumers and society as a whole by offering demanded and competitive transportation and logistics services.


We aim to become a effective and innovative transport and logistics company company operating in accordance with best business practices.

We position ourselves as a provider of the following services:

  •  Rail infrastructure and network services;
  •  Transportation and logistics services for organization of freight transit, imports and exports

KTZ aims to become a leader both in quality and economic efficiency of services through high professionalism of personnel, high technical standards, as well as advanced management and production processes.

To fullfil its mission and vision effectively, JSC «NC «KTZ» intends to systematically work towards the following strategic goals:

  •  Total equity value maximization;
  •  Transportation safety;
  •  Customer satisfaction;
  •  Effective corporate governance;
  •  Social stability;
  •  Environmental safety.

To achieve the strategic objectives, and taking into account the existing opportunities and constraints, JSC «NC «KTZ» will focus on 8 blocks of strategic initiatives:

  1.  Development of the sales function in the domestic market
  2.  Increase in own car utilization
  3.  Container transit development
  4.  Passenger transportation efficiency improvement
  5.  Operational efficiency improvement
  6.  PMO development (to improve the efficiency and reduce implementation term of Strategic Initiatives)
  7.  Changes to the government regulation system
  8.  China’s support for transit via Kazakhstan

By 2020 JSC “NC “KTZ” should become an integrated transport and logistics company, one of the tasks of which, in addition to the growth of shareholder value, is implementation of State strategy for the organization of transit transport and logistics services. The Company solve the task of increasing indicator EVA to ~ 359 bln. tenge by 2020. The company will continue to fulfill all the commitments to provide quality service to its customers.


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