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Сountering corruption

Corruption is a serious barrier to the sustainable development of the company - it reduces economic growth, distorts the situation, undermines investor confidence, as it is associated with serious legal and reputational risks.

Corruption is a social evil that requires intervention and elimination. But an effective fight against this negative phenomenon is impossible without a fairly complete and accurate knowledge of its essence, the specific conditions of occurrence and consequences.

The Board of Directors of JSC «NC «KTZ» approved the anti-corruption Policy in JSC «NC «KTZ», the main purpose of which is to create an atmosphere of zero tolerance to any corruption, commitment to high standards of behavior on the part of its employees and officials.

The policy establishes the requirements of the anti-corruption legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan and obligations for its implementation, as well as a set of measures to prevent and combat corruption in the Company.

If there is any evidence that corruption offenses committed by employees or officials of the Company arise in the Company, this should be immediately reported to the «hotline», information about which is posted on the corporate website of the Company, or to its immediate or superior Manager and (or) the head of the Compliance service of JSC «NC «KTZ».

The procedure for submission and consideration of messages and other provisions regarding the mechanism of confidential information are set out in the confidential information Policy of JSC «NC «KTZ», which is approved by the Board of Directors of JSC NC «KTZ».