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Through the station Dostyk headed container train from China to the UK

Through the station Dostyk has successfully implemented the first container train from Yiwu city of ... in local station. In 2016, through the station Dostyk, running the full range of operations for reception and departure of ...

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Although the first railroads in Kazakhstan have appeared at the turn of the 19-20th centuries (in 1893-1894 Pokrovsk Sloboda – Uralsk narrow-gauge railways line (1000 mm) with the length of 369 km, 113 km of them lies in Kazakhstan, later 190 km of the ...

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The first mail container followed through the Dostyk station by the route Chongqing - Duisburg

October 3, the first time through the railway station Dostyk across the territory of Kazakhstan proceeded transit mail container by ...

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Assets Realization of property (Assets) ...

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Transportation across the border station “Dostyk”: counting goes on millions

... the freight transportation through the border station “Dostyk”- “Alashan’kou”. Traffic capacity of that international butt ... “Kazakhstan Temir Zholy”  branch office “Dostyk border station” says: “The figures of container traffic grow. So ...

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At the area of Dostyk – Alashankou station is going restoration work.

... At this time, on the scene works reducing train from Dostyk station.   (Press releases) ...

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“Dostyk” station

An international border crossing Dostyk – Alashankou was placed into operation in 1991 and ensured cargo ... Eastern and Western Europe.     The Dostyk station is a part of Alakol area of Almaty region. Acutely continental ... center – Ucharal city (15,4 thousand people) Dostyk village – more than 3 thousand people (including 1/3 – railroaders) ...

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At the station Dostyk 10 new homes was built for railway workers

At border station Dostyk new houses for railway workers are put in operation. 10 two-storeyed ... on the railway and to large families. Recall at Dostyk station to perform a full range of operations for the reception and ... of roads coming from Kazakhstan and other countries. Dostyk station is a key cross-border railway crossing from Kazakhstan to China ...

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Railway administrations of Kazakhstan and China agreed in Beijing to increase cargo flows in the China-Europe transit via Kazakhstan

... cargo flows from the interstate point Alashankou - Dostyk transfer to Khorgos - Altynkol with processing at the dry port of the ...

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"Dostyk" station is a key part in the implementation of the transit potential of Kazakhstan

... for logistics Y.Iskaliyev visited the reloading station “Dostyk”. During the visit, the representatives of Committee of customs ... on the development of transshipment facilities of  “Dostyk” station.   During a trip of delegation familiarized ...

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