JSC "NC" KTZ " held public hearings on the results of 2014 year

Yesterday at JSC "NC" KTZ " was held public hearings on the results of JSC" NC "KTZ" for 2014 in the provision of regulated services in the field of natural monopolies.

Train "Menin Kazakhstanym" arrived in Astana

Today at the station Astana was held a solemn meeting dedicated to the train "Menin Kazakhstanym".

The train traveled 12,000 miles and visited 27 towns. All the way through numerous meetings with the inhabitants of different regions of the country.

People explained the provisions of the new economic policy "Nurly zhol", the direction of the national strategy "Mangilik yel", provided advice on financial, legal and social sphere.

High-speed train "Syrdarya" will now operate between Astana and Kyzyl-Orda every other day

JSC "Passenger transportation" informs that from 25 April 2015 taking into account the demand of the population the second part of a passenger train №89 / 90 "Astana-Kyzylorda" have been launched. This train was formed from the cars "Tulpar-Talgo". Now it will run every other day, previously it operated 1 time in 4 days.

Development of transit potential is on the agenda

President of JSC "NC" KTZ "Askar Mamin met with a delegation of Chongqing (China), headed by the deputy head of the Municipal Government Chen Heping.

Railway workers are for "clean city"

Today, more than 700 employees of the central office of JSC "NC" Kazakhstan Temir Zholy " came out to the town Saturday volunteer work within campaign " We are for clean city".

During the annual Saturday volunteer work day the railroad workers have cleaned the territory of its administrative building and last year's two kilometer along the road towards the village Kosshy.

Memorandum of Cooperation signed between JSC "NC" KTZ "and the company «ARES-BESIKTAS» (Turkey)

Today, as part of the Kazakh-Turkish business forum, President of JSC "NC" KTZ "Askar Mamin and CEO «ARES-BESIKTAS» Kerim Kalafatogly signed a memorandum on cooperation in the shipbuilding industry.

Social campaign "on the road of kindness" will hold the railroad workers

Social campaign "on the road of kindness", dedicated to the 70th anniversary of the Great Victory will be held in all regions of the country from 24 April to 15 May this year.

Participants of the action will be not only members of the corporate youth camp "Sen bolmasan kim?” in "NC" KTZ " but also representatives of the local community, school and college students.

FEZ "Khorgos - Eastern Gate" is preparing for a meeting with investors

FEZ "Khorgos - Eastern Gate", which is currently deployed large-scale construction of dry ports, logistics and industrial zones, is preparing for the first international presentation. JSC "NC" KTZ "plans in mid-June to organize a presentation of SEZ with an invitation to a large number of foreign investors.

To the Victory Parade by rail road

To the Sorokovaya station have been delivered more than 300 cars with military equipment destined for the parade dedicated to the 70th anniversary of Victory in the Great Patriotic War. 

In total have arrived more than 500 pieces of military equipment, platforms brought heavy and light machinery.

Railroad workers helped people affected by the flood

Railway workers of Karaganda branch have taken an active part in rescue activities and liquidation of consequences of floods in the region. The evacuation of residents of communities affected by flooding meltwater.

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