62 new passenger cars were introduced into the train in August

From total number of 52 cars – produced by Tverskoy Car building plant, 10 cars – domestic plant "Tulpar-Talgo". 

The second part of the train "Astana-Moscow" is updated

For decrease of level of wear of a passenger rolling stock and improvement of quality of trains’ comfort and service, JSC “Passenger transportation” continues realization the Program of updating the cars.
In July 2014 have been acquired 52 new cars of JSC “Tver

Joint Stock Company "National Company "Kazakhstan Temir Joly" ("KTZ") entered into a foreign exchange hedging transaction using derivative financial instrument

On the August 29, 2014 the JSC "National Company"Kazakhstan Temir Zholy"("KTZ") entered into a foreign exchange hedging transaction of JSC"NC "KTZ" relating to the payment of interest and principal on the Eurobonds of JSC "NC"KTZ"in the amount of 324 000 000 (three hundred and twentyfour million) U.S. dollars with interest rate of 7% per annum repayable in May 2016.

Foreign exchange hedging transactionis closed with the use of derivative financial instrument - cross-currency swap USD /CHF with interest rate of 6.5% per annum.

Kazakhstan Temir Zholy sells assets in the second wave of privatization

JSC "National Company" Kazakhstan Temir Zholy "started the implementation of the Comprehensive Plan of privatization for 2014-2016, developed in accordance with the request of the Head of state. At the meeting the heads of the group of companies «Samruk-Kazyna " with potential investors have been presented three stable operating businesses of rail transport.

Summer growth by 16%

During the summer period of 2014 in trains of JSC "Passenger transportation" on average 65 thousand passengers per day are transported.

Best practice of «Deutsche Bahn» for KTZ

150 managers of JSC "National Company" Kazakhstan Temir Joly " at the Center of technologies on transport are getting training course from teachers of «Deutsche Bahn». 

Training of employees of central office, branches, offices of roads, the backbone network of JSC “NC “KTZ” within this program for the status is equated to tuition in foreign educational institutions.

Classes are conducted by Deutsch Bahn Experts  on issues of national and international learning and business processes.

Head of the State gave start to work of the new railroads Zhezkazgan - Beyneu and Arkalyk-Shubarkol.

The president of Kazakhstan N. A. Nazarbayev gave start to the beginning of operation of the railroads Zhezkazgan-Beyneu and Arkalyk-Shubarkol.

Round table with business: "Problems and prospects of development of transport branch in the Southern Kazakhstan area"

April 16, 2014 a round table "Problems and prospects of development of the transport sector in South Kazakhstan" held in Shymkent. It was organized by Kazakhstan Transport Union of «KAZLOGISTICS» and the city administration of South Kazakhstan region. The event was attended by Director General of Kazakhstan Transport Union «KAZLOGISTICS» E.Iskaliev, First Deputy Mayor of South Kazakhstan region B.Ospanov, representatives of South Kazakhstan akimat and business community.
The roundtable discussed existing problems in the industry : the transportation of passengers by uncontrolled private cars, uncontrolled implementation of inter-regional long-distance passenger transportation by irregular and illegal buses, airport infrastructure mismatch for modern requirements, insufficient development of a network of roadside service on public roads ; shortage of qualified personnel in the road sector and engineering staff .
Press service of “Kazlogistics”

Сollision at the crossing in Pavlodar region

On April 15 at 12:10 pm on 26 km of Aksu 1-Aksu 2 at the regulated unguarded crossing a single locomotive has collided with «Ford Tranzit» minibus.
8 passengers and the driver were taken to Aksu hospital. One person died in the hospital, 5 people are in serious condition. Others received injuries.
At the moment of collision locomotive was moving at a speed of 56 km per hour with a set of 70 kilometers per hour.
Crossing alarm system functioned correctly.
According to preliminary reports, the accident was caused by the minibus driver.
JSC "NC "KTZ" has appointed a special committee chaired by the Head of the Pavlodar branch of the road to investigate the incident.
Press service of JSC "NC "KTZ"

Presentation of the "New Silk Road" in the «World Trends Forum»

On April 10-11, 2014 in Riga, Latvia one of the biggest events in the Baltics World Trends Forum has passed. The Forum was held under the patronage of the Riga City Council , the Academy of Sciences and the Chamber of Commerce in Latvia ,with the participation of top officials of the Government of Latvia.
In the framework of the forum was held parallel session "Silk Road of the XXI century" organized by the Transport Workers Union of Kazakhstan «KAZLOGISTICS», GAO Latvijas dzelzceļš, Stena Line.
The meeting was attended by representatives of the Ministry of communication of Latvia, JSC Latvijas dzelzceļš, Logistics Association of Latvia , Riga and Ventspils ports.
This session was a unified communication platform for representatives of transport, trade and business in different countries. The key issue of discussion was the revival of the New Silk Road between Europe and Asia via the project "New Silk Road" the essence of which lies in the revival of a land bridge between China and Europe. Kazakhstan in this project should become a major business hub and transit of Central Asian region. The main element of the "New Silk Road" will be developed on the basis of JSC "NC "KTZ".
The international cooperation, implementation of the "New Silk Road" infrastructure projects for implementation of the transit potential of Kazakhstan, the project «Kazakhstan Supply Chain Cluster», 5C principle: speed, service, cost, safety and stability were discussed. 
It was also brought to a focus on cooperation between Kazakhstan and Latvia , to discuss the development of the Roadmap for the launch of container -speed trains in the direction of the East-West and back with a branch of the route through the ports of Latvia; study of specific consumption of the East to create multimodal freight route from Latvia to / through Kazakhstan; cooperation with Latvia universities training for the transportation industry; initiate research on the development of multimodal transport corridor through Latvia; considering importing equipment from Europe through the ports of Latvia at the Kashagan, Tengiz, Karachaganak , etc.
Transport Union of Kazakhstan «KAZLOGISTICS» was presented in the session byof CEO Yerkhat Iskaliev. 
Press office of Kazakhstan Transport Union «KAZLOGISTICS»
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