Mobile phones for mobile passengers

JSC "Passenger transportation" held a rally on the awarding gifts among the first 100 passengers who have bought tickets via the Internet at.Astana, Almaty-2 and Aktobe stations. Among the lucky buyers who waited for a pleasant surprise in the metropolitan station there were Malika Zueva, Erzhan Kakibaev, Musa Badirkhanov, Hamziya Haidar. They as well as the other passengers at Aktobe and Almaty stations got mobile phones.
In order to expand sales channels and provide the population with progressive forms of rail transport service JSC "Passenger transportation" under the direction of JSC "NC "KTZ" is actively working on the development of electronic sales of travel documents.
During the first quarter of this year 570,037 tickets were sold electronically. In comparison with the same period of last year e-tickets selling increased by 2.5 times.
Active growth ticketing is observed from year to year. For instance, in 2009 ticket sales totaled 3,738, in 2011 it was128 736 and in 2013 - 2.532 million.
Currently, the scheme was introduced as a pilot on the route Almaty-Astana (Train 001/002), Oral-Astana (Train 057/058), Atyrau- Almaty (Train 077/078), Aktobe- Astana (Train 087/088). All regions of Kazakhstan will be covered by online sales in 2015. 
Press office of JSC "Passenger transportation"

Make children smile

In the oncology department of the National Research Center of Maternity and Childhood (NRCMC) in Astana Corporate Fund "Foundation for Social Projects" of JSC "NC "KTZ" gave a charity concert. Songs, dances, magic tricks were organized for 80 children treated in the department. Many of them during the concert continued lying under drop counters on wheelchairs or on mobile beds. 

Children spend 1 year or more for treatment depending on the course and stage of disease. Here doctors of different types of pediatric oncology achieved good results. More than 75 percent of children recover and begin a new life.
Youth of Kazakhstan temir zholy under management of the Social Work Office has developed their own script, prepared plays, distributed gifts for children: albums, pencils, paints and 3D mosaic. Apart from that table football, chess and backgammon were donated to NRCMC.

Important decision has been made

JSC "National Company" Kazakhstan temir zholy" reports that the Company’s  Board of Directors made the decision on the conclusion of the large deals providing substitution of the 2010 and 2012 eurobond issuer. 
On all matters relating to the transactions please contact us at the following address: Astana,  Kunaeva street, 6, office. 3301/2, Tel.: +77172 603740.

Kazakhstan locomotives on kyrgyz railroad

On March 31 in the building of the central office of JSC "NC "KTZ" the agreement was signed for the supply to the SUE "Kyrgyz temir zholy" the second installment of TE33A locomotives manufactured at the production facilities of JSC "Locomotive kurastyru zauyty".

Formal acceptance of locomotives in Bishkek operational depot is scheduled for early May. 
Two locomotives from the first batch are operated on Kyrgyzstan railways more than six months. During this time the machine completely justified the technical characteristics declared by the manufacturer. According to the company, SUE "Kyrgyz temir zholy" updated its rolling stock over 30 years ago. Kazakh freight locomotives were “a breath of fresh air" for them.

The priority is to increase a local content

Specialists of LLP "Tulpar - Talgo" mastered another process. Now the plant produces a full cycle of coach painting.
This work is carried out in several stages: before putting paint it is necessary to perform priming works as Talgo coaches are made of high strength aluminum. Lifetime is significantly reduced without primer paint work. Next is the application of paint colour. Now this paint is purchased from foreign countries, but specialists plan to use the product of Kazakh producers. The final stage includes nail polish on the painted surface and drying the coach.
The entire process is supervised by Patentes Talgo representatives. In addition, workers involved in painting passed a two-month training course at Talgo factory in Spain. At every step of painting the modern equipment of leading machine builders in the world is used. 

E-ticket project will be launched

Technology of purchasing train tickets via the Internet in Kazakhstan is unified with the world practice: ticket is remote, a paper version is printed out and passenger enters the train by fixed electronic registration.
The project will start at 7.00 pm today. Ticket sales are available at WWW.EPAY.RAILWAYS.KZ.
- At the moment the scheme was introduced as a pilot on the route Almaty -Astana (train 001/ 002) , Oral -Astana (train 057 /058) , Atyrau-Almaty (train 077/ 078) , Aktobe , Astana (087 / 088 ), - announced today at a press conference in the office of the national company " Kazakhstan temir zholy" in Astana manager of KTZ branch -"Directorate of Information Technologies" Sergey Nikitenko . All regions of Kazakhstan will be covered by online sales in 2015.
By purchasing a ticket from a computer connected to the Internet, the passenger does not refer to the cashier as before. He comes directly to the train.
At the moment of landing conductor registers passenger using a mobile terminal.
Traditional sales through railroad station in this case remain. However this time while referring to JSC "Passenger transportation" cashiers passengers will get not usual form of the ticket, but fiscal ticket that looks like a receipt for the transaction through the payment terminal. In this travel document all travel parameters are reflected: the number and direction of the route, train, wagon and seat. The same information at the time of purchase falls into electronic recorders of the conductors. While boarding passenger shows fiscal ticket, which is going to be registered by the conductor, and then takes his place in the coach.
The new technology represents the most advanced form of an e-ticket, eliminates the paper travel documents and chooses convenient methods of payment for travel. It provides automation of the sales process and excludes costs associated with the human factor, creates a significant financial impact for passenger service as well.

About the derailment of cars at Shieli station

On March 23, 2014 at 1:40 am at Shieli station of Kyzylorda branch of the road 6 cargo and 5 empty wagons of a freight train number 2408 derailed. 
Freight and passenger trains were not delayed.
Restoration work has completed at 10:30 am.
To eliminate the effects of derailment recovery train from Kyzylorda station and 11 plant workers from Shieli worked.
Special commission of JSC "NC "KTZ" determined the cause of the derailment. The first car has descended repeated excessive difference in (30 mm) wheels diameter.
Car belongs to JSC "VEB-Leasing" (Russia) and was released in 2007 by JSC "Altayvagonzavod ."
All damages will be brought according to the established order to the car owners.
Press service of JSC "NC "KTZ"

KTZ celebrates Nauryz

Railroad workers meet with a joyful spring mood favorite holiday Nauryz. 
In Astana during normal working hours the employees of the central departments of KTZ congratulated each other, prepared meals, showed kazakh folk customs "Tusau keser", " Kelіn tusіru", " Betashar " and others, sang songs to the sound of dombra.
During the lunch break workers played folk games in the gym: asyk, aksuyek, oramal and other.
Veterans of World War II and the railway industry were awarded special attention on the eve of Nauryz. Chief of Staff Nurdaulet Kilybai noted that railroad work is very significant for the country, railroad workers honorably fulfilling their duty, and the contribution of veterans always deserves special honors. Senior colleagues wished them health, happiness and long life.
Railway workers who live in metropolitan residential complex "Saranda" next weekend are going to invite colleagues for festivities that they organize on their own initiative. 
Press service of JSC "NC "KTZ"

Additional trains

Due to the increasing demand for the transportation of passengers on holidays JSC "Passenger transportation" has taken measures to add passenger train coaches from the 19th to 25th of March 2014. 

Total for the most popular destinations in all regions of Kazakhstan there were included 116 additional coaches.  
Press service of JSC "Passenger transportation"

Buying tickets and registration to the train by the simplified form

Now train ticket can be issued from any computer and people can check-in straight in front of the coach.
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