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High-speed route Astana-Atyrau-Astana is open

Today on the 22nd of August, 2013 new high-speed train "Atyrau" № 19/20 "Astana - Atyrau" has departed from Astana station. Frequency of the new train is once in four days. Time in transit is 22 hours 57 minutes from Astana to Atyrau and 22 hours and 15 minutes back.

The train is formed of 27 coaches, 22 of them are intended to transport passengers. These are 2 "Grand" (luxury suites) class coaches,  2 "Business" (double) class and 18 "Tourist" class coaches.  The train consists of 3 technical, 1 dining and 1 bar coach. 
One of the "Grand" class coaches is designed for passengers with disabilities and equipped with a special lifting device that allows them to get inside the coach, with both high and low platform. It has a shower, toilet, specially equipped door and call button. 
“Tulpar-Talgo" coaches have high comfort, lightweight design and manufactured using the latest technologies and developments specifically for the climatic conditions of Kazakhstan. They have a centralized system of power supply, air conditioning, electric control system security. In addition, they are equipped with a special system of vacuum cleaning composting toilets. 
The coaches purchased under the program of renovation and improvement of service life of rolling stock of JSC "Passenger transportation", according to which by 2014 the plant "Tulpar-Talgo" in Astana will build 420 passenger coaches.
It should be noted that the development of speed routes primarily involves reduction of time spend on the train for 1.5 times. With the introduction of train number 19/20 travel time from Astana to Atyrau (distance 1839 km) will be reduced from 33 to 22 hours. 
To date, high-speed transportation routes are represented by five passenger trains formed of "Talgo” coaches: № 1/2 "Almaty-2 - Astana", 25/26 "2-Almaty - Shymkent", № 151/152 "Almaty-2 - Petropavl», № 87/88 "Aktobe - Astana" in 2012, and 77/78 "Almaty-2- Atyrau" which was launched in June this year. 
As part of the program for the development of transport infrastructure of Kazakhstan until 2015 it is planned to organize another 4-speed route:Astana - Kyzylorda, Almaty - Aktobe (2014),Astana - Zaschita, Almaty – Zaschita (2015). 
Press-service of JSC "Passenger transportation" 

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