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Kanat Alpysbaev: "Creation of an integrated transport corridor Europe-Asia will provide a synergy of transport policies of the countries of the region"

On September 8,  Kanat Alpysbaev, the head of JSC NC KTZ, took part and spoke at the II International сonference" Integrated Transport Corridors Europe-Asia" in Odessa.

The conference discussed issues of improving the existing logistics of land, sea and air transport, joint, mutually beneficial cooperation in the implementation of promising transport initiatives in the Eurasian space, the development of integrated transport corridors Europe-Asia.

The interests of Kazakhstan in the sphere under discussion were presented by K. Alpysbaev, the head of JSC NC KTZ. He noted the timeliness and relevance of measures to create transport routes and economic corridors on the Eurasian continent and focused on the transport and logistics capabilities of Kazakhstan, located at the intersection of international transport corridors of Eurasia.

"Thanks to the implementation of large-scale infrastructure projects in Kazakhstan, new transcontinental routes have been laid and a new architecture of Euro-Asian transport corridors has been formed," K. Alpysbaev said.

JSC NC KTZ actively develops transcontinental transit transportations in the direction of Asia-Europe. At present, the Kazakh-Chinese terminal is operating in the port of Lianyungang, new railway lines have been built, the Dry Port on the Kazakhstan-China border is operating, the ports of Aktau and Kuryk in the Caspian are developing. The SEZ "Khorgos - Eastern Gates" is successfully operating. At the initiative of the Company, the Coordinating Committee of TITR was formed.

"All this provides additional opportunities and variability in the transport of goods from Asia to Europe, including through the Caspian Sea to Azerbaijan, Georgia, Turkey, Ukraine," K. Alpysbaev noted.

"At present, the main cargo flow of containers is in the China-Europe-China, where Kazakhstan fully provides these transportations with rolling stock," Alpysbaev said and added that "on the route China-Kazakhstan-Caucasus-Turkey and Eastern Europe, the transportation potential is estimated at 300 thousand TEU by 2020."

According to the head of JSC NC KTZ, for the further development of the TITR route it is necessary to create a pool of fitting platforms by the countries participating in the transport corridor, synchronize business processes, form a unified IT platform, level administrative and customs barriers, and strengthen the work to ensure a return load.

Within the framework of the conference was held a meeting of the Association of Legal Entities «international association «Trans-Caspian International Transport Route».

During the international event, the head of JSC NC KTZ held meetings on the development of cooperation in the transport and logistics sphere with the acting president. Chairman of the Board of PJSC "Ukrainian Railways" E. Kravtsov and Minister of Infrastructure of Ukraine V. Omelyan. As a result of the conference, the Joint Statement was adopted, which noted the great potential for strengthening the economic and trade ties of the participating states through joint participation in the implementation of promising transport initiatives implemented in the Eurasian space.


Press-office of JSC NC Kazakhstan Temir Zholy

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