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Wagon inspectors prevented the threat of traffic safety

Senior wagon inspector of Aktasty station of the Karaganda operational wagons depot Yuri Morozov is presented to the award for showing vigilance in finding a malfunction in the wagon.

July 17, Yuri Morozov revealed a strong spark in the head of the freight train. He reported the incident to the duty officer at the station. The train was stopped.

"When I saw the spark, I immediately told to the duty officer of the station to stop the train. Our main task is to be responsible for the safety of passing trains. The most important thing in such situations is to act quickly and in accordance with the instructions. For every transport worker this is an iron rule, " Morozov said.

During the maintenance of the freight train at the Semey station, the inspector Nurzhan Abzhanov revealed a shift of the axle box by a size of 5-6 mm from the inside of the labyrinth ring of the wheel pair. Such a defect could lead to the derailment of rolling stock, damage to railway property, a disruption in the movement of trains.

His colleague, wagon inspector of the Degelen station of the Semey operational wagon depot, Azamat Omarov, when carrying out the maintenance of the train, revealed the fact of the failure of the axle unit of the freight car, namely the weakening of the end fixing of the wheel pair. This malfunction directly posed a threat to traffic safety.

Due to the professional actions of the wagon inspectors serious consequences are prevented.

Press-office of JSC NC Kazakhstan Temir Zholy



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