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Medical trains provided with medical services more than six thousand residents of remote stations of Kazakhstan

Residents of more than 30 stations in Karaganda and Mangystau regions were examined by medical teams of consultative and diagnostic trains "Densaulyk" and "Salamatty Kazakhstan".

 “Patients receive medical services, professional consultations, directions for further treatment in the nearest medical centers on a free basis. It it also important that we serve children, for whom we organize entertainment attractions at the time of the arrival of trains.” said Director of the Corporate Foundation “Fund for Social Projects” of JSC NC “KTZ” Erbol Kengerbayev.

E.Kengerbayev also noted that the doctors of the Densaulyk train visited Beineu station and the servicemen. Soldiers of the military units of the region were examined and received treatment too.

In total, since the launch of two trains by medical personnel, 6,500 residents of Karaganda and Mangystau regions, including more than 1,500 children,received health check-ups. The number of medical visits was more than 31 thousand. More than 33 thousand diagnostic procedures, 133 small outpatient surgeries were carried out. More than 400 women have been examined by a mammologist. Dental care was provided to 1440 residents.

The project of medical trains is implemented by the Corporate Foundation "Social Projects Fund" of JSC NC “KTZ", Fund for the Development of Social Projects "Samruk-Kazyna Trust", JSC “Kazpost”, Ministry of Health, Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Kazakhstan with the support of regional government bodies.

Recall, on April 11 this year the medical train "Salamatty Kazakhstan" went to the towns and villages of the central, northern and eastern regions of Kazakhstan from the station of Karaganda. On April 18, a medical train "Densaulyk" set off from Almaty-1 station to the southern and western regions of Kazakhstan. The trains will be on the way until December 20 this year.


Press-office of JSC NC “Kazakhstan Temir Zholy”






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