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Results of the spring commission inspection are summed up at the Mangistau branch of the road

At the meeting chaired by Eric Imashev, Vice President for Corporate Procurement of JSC NC “Kazakhstan Temir Zholy", were summed up the results of the spring commission inspection of the enterprises of the Mangistau branch of the road.

Commission headed by E. Imashev and HR Executive Director N. Zhaparkul, Deputy Director of the Department of Roads and Structures of "Directorate of mainline network" N. Asbekov, Vice-President of JSC "KTZ - Freight Transportation" V.Petrov, President of the JSC "Passenger Transportation" N. Kilibay visited railway enterprises of the road section, railway stations, training ground and technical classes.

At the meeting Vice President of JSC NC “KTZ” E.Imashev focused on the implementation of the tasks facing the Company in the main areas of its activities. At present, JSC NC “KTZ" serves over 15 transit routes between China and Europe, and successfully developing new directions, according to which container trains have never shuttled before. From China via Kazakhstan to Iran, London and Turkey have been launched container trains. In accordance with the instructions of the Head of the State, the volumes of transit container transportations should increase to 2 million TEU by 2020.

 As part of the Business Transformation Program, in 2016 KTZ “Freight Transportation” was established. Under the "Nurly Zhol" program the Borzhakty-Yersay railway line, the first start-up complexes in the Kuryk port and the Almaty 1-Shu section were put into operation, where the second tracks are being built.

Construction of a new international passenger terminal of the airport and a modern railway station in Astana is almost over. During the meeting, special attention was paid to improving the content of local railway infrastructure facilities, using modern information and logistics technologies, automating business processes, preparing for the EXPO-2017 exhibition, and implementing youth and personnel policies.

Summing up, E. Imashev noted the professionalism of the local teams of railway enterprises and stressed that due to the well-coordinated and efficient work of the employees of the divisions and branches of JSC NC "KTZ" were achieved the goals set for the Company.

"This year, the tariff rates/official salaries of the Company's employees are indexed by 5%," E. Imashev noted in this connection.

At the end of the meeting, the heads of structural units of the Mangistau branch of the road were given specific protocol instructions. Among them there was noted the need for timely implementation of activities on the participation of JSC NC "KTZ" in the exhibition EXPO-2017.

In particular, the preparation of the station complex Mangyshlak station for mass departure of passengers to Astana in the days of the exhibition, the strengthening of information work through local media, stands, and banners dedicated to the theme EXPO-2017. During the stay in the region, the delegation led by the company Vice-president E. Imashev also conducted a commission inspection of the locomotive depot and other enterprises at the Beineu station.


Press-office of JSC NC “Kazakhstan Temir Zholy”


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