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The medical train "Salamatty Kazakhstan" began its tour across regions

Medical train, which started on April 11 from the station of Karaganda, arrived to Zhezkazgan.

The medical team is staffed by physicians of the first and highest categories. Their services can be used by all residents of the central, northern and eastern regions of the country, including railway workers and pensioners and their families, who need medical help.


According to the chief doctor Arman Abishev, Zhezkazgan station is already started reception of patients.

"The train crew of 26 medical workers is in for a lot of work, patients are waiting for us at distant stations," he said.


According to the director of the Corporate Fund "Social Projects Fund" of JSC "NC" KTZ" Erbol Kengerbayev, the schedule of the train is made taking into account the absence of medical points at distant stations, on the basis of citizen’s applications and requests of state bodies.


The medical train consists of eight wagons specially equipped to provide multidisciplinary specialized consultative and diagnostic assistance. The staff is equipped with the latest technology, there is an opportunity to get in touch with any clinic and institute for urgent consultations.


On the train all the necessary conditions for medical workers have been created - internet, shower cabins, city telephone, television sets, diesel generator, and four meals.


"Specialized trains have been helping the people of distant areas to correct their health. Thanks to the development of transport medicine, many patients were in the field of vision of doctors for the first time in many years. It is important that in the early stages doctors were diagnosed acute and chronic pathologies, oncological diseases and tuberculosis”, - said Lima Diaz, managing director of the Fund for the Development of Social Projects “Samruk-Kazyna Trust”.


The train "Salamatty Kazakhstan" will run through the regions of the country in the period from April 11 to November 6.


In addition, on April 18, a medical train "Densaulyk" will depart from Almaty-1 station to the southern and western regions, which will be on the way from April 18 to December 20, 2017.


A joint project of medical trains "Salamatty Kazakhstan", "Zhardem" and "Densaulyk" is being implemented by JSC “NC "KTZ", the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Kazakhstan and the "Samruk-Kazyna Trust" Foundation since 2010.


Press-office of JSC “NC “Kazakhstan Temir Zholy”






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