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Due to the introduction of rational proposals in KTZ in 2016 the efficiency of production processes has increased

In 2016, 1343 rational proposals were filed, which are aimed at improving the efficiency of production processes, and yielded an economic effect of about 100 million tenge.

In the first quarter of 2017, about 300 proposals were received from railway workers with an expected economic effect of about 40 million tenge.

New approaches and methods are being successfully introduced into the production process in the Kushmurun and Zhambyl signaling and communication divisions, Semey branch of the mainline network, Aktyubinsk power supply divisionand other branches of the Company. Local rationalizers mainly make proposals for improving technological processes, saving fuel and energy resources and reliability of devices.

Aktobe’s reconstruction train proposed retainer to prevent the displacement of the carload truck when working with the hydraulic unit, which allows to ensure safety during the work. According to the workers of the distance path R. Karabalin and A. Bukharbayev, this device reliably fixes the wheels from displacement when lifting the car and saves time for installation.

Since 2010, JSC "NC "KTZ" takes part in the annual national contest "National Innovation Competition". Last year in the nomination "The best technical solution" were presented 20 rational proposals from the Company, one of them took the second place.

The badge "Best rationalizer" awarded to 28 active rationalizers of the Company. In addition, the four ideas presented by the railwaymen last year won the innovative competition "Project-Management" on the basis of the information platform "Information incubator of innovation ideas (system 4I)".

Rationalization in rail transport is an effective lever to increase labor productivity, save material resources, create comfortable and safe working conditions.


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«NC «KTZ» transformation
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«NC «KTZ» privatization
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