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The republican state enterprise “Kazakhstan temir zholy” was established by an Act of the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan dated January 31, 1997 No. 129 “On reorganization of the railway enterprises of the Republic of Kazakhstan” by merging the republican state enterprises: railway administration of Almaty, railway administration of Tselinnyy and railway administration of the West Kazakhstan. The purpose of merging was optimization of management structure of transportation process and elimination of excessive links, financial and economic improvement of railway industry.

  By an Act of the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan dated March 15, 2002 No. 310 “On creation of National company Kazakhstan temir zholy closed joint stock company National company Kazakhstan temir zholy closed joint stock company was formed by merging the republican state enterprise Kazakhstan temir zholy and his affiliated state enterprises.

 On April 2, 2004 re-registration of NC KTZ CJSC into NC KTZ JSC was conducted according to the law of the Republic of Kazakhstan “On joint-stock companies” dated May 13, 2003.

 Now NC KTZ JSC has the holding structure based on ensuring functional integrity and controllability of railway industry in transportation process. The Sole Shareholder of NC KTZ JSC is National Welfare Fund Samruk-Kazyna JSC.

 NC KTZ JSC undertakes the responsibilities of the operator of a backbone railway network. Passenger and freight transportation services are conducted by subsidiaries companies of NC KTZ JSC. Services of the operator of a backbone railway network are regulated by the Laws of the Republic of Kazakhstan “On railway transport” and “On natural monopolies” as the backbone railway network belongs to the sphere of natural monopoly.

 Transportation activities are carried out according to the Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan “On railway transport” and the antitrust law of the Republic of Kazakhstan as freight transportation services by railway transport belongs to the socially significant markets covered by the state price regulation.

 According to the state program documents on reforming of railway branch, corporate strategy and the national legislation, for attraction of freights both in new market segments of transit and multimodal transportations, and both in traditional transportations on the basis of Lokomotiv JSC and Directorate of transportation process National freight transportation – KTZ-Freight transportation JSC was created and started implementation of its activities for freight transportation since July 1, 2016.

 Considering that the railway transport has a leading role in performing of government tasks on development of transit capacity of Kazakhstan, business strategy of NC KTZ JSC provides growth in a segment of transit and multimodal transport and logistics services by:

  • development of new competences and integration of services into single logistic service;
  • penetration into new market segments and offer of new transport products;
  • modernizations of transport infrastructure;
  • formations of internal and external network of TLC;
  • development of the dry-cargo fleet;
  • formations of partnership and alliances;
  • institutional development of the international transport passages.

By transporting, creating logistic services, developing national infrastructure and new branches of economy, NC KTZ JSC makes a significant contribution not only to development of national transport and logistics system, but also to development of international transport passages and transport and logistics services on the Eurasian continent.


«NC «KTZ» transformation
«NC «KTZ» transformation
«NC «KTZ» privatization
«NC «KTZ» privatization
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